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VS Code metrics Open source plugin for automatic time tracking

For example, a green rating, between 20 and 100, indicates that the code has highly maintainability. A yellow rating, between 10 and 19, indicates that the code is moderately maintainable. A red rating, between 0 and 9, indicates low maintainability. Please also note that it is possible to balance the complexity calculation for the project / team / personal taste by adjusting the relevant configuration entries . In your question I read that you have expected certain values at certain points. To me this is an indication of a certain pattern used in the design that leads to complexity being concentrated in certain parts of your code.

visual studio code metrics

Depth of inheritance describes the number of classes from which a specific type inherits functionality. The idea is that if more types exist in an inheritance hierarchy, the code will likely be more difficult to maintain as a result. As Platform as a service Wikipedia a developer, when you are developing applications, how optimistic are you about delivering quality code? Quality code means not only bug free code but also understandable, maintainable, extensible, less complex and loosely coupled code.

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Visual Studio’s Code Metrics features are very powerful and, when used, ensure your code is written properly and well maintained. Every enterprise has their own standards of code maintenance, but I would recommend running the code metrics tool regularly for better code quality and good practice. In the meantime, if you need this kind of static code analysis functionality, I recommend NDepend. It integrates with Visual Studio or can run standalone, and can also easily be integrated into your CI build process.

  • A high count indicates a method is trying to do too many things; that means a complex structure and it will be hard to maintain.
  • It’s another great tool for inspecting code quality and can be used for performing Code Reviews as well.
  • The filter feature helps a developer easily find the code block or function they need to work on.
  • Using code metrics, you can get a better understanding of what aspects of your code should be potentially changed or tested.

He only highlights some examples to show his understanding of the tool. WakaTime gives us insight into our development process and increases our impact as a team. We’ve updated our privacy policy so that we are compliant with changing global privacy regulations and to provide you with insight into the limited ways in which we use your data.

In this post lets have a look how to start seeing code metrics of your applications. This one is relatively simple; it indicates the approximate number of lines of code written in a program. The count is based on the intermediate code generated by the Framework. A developer should design methods so that there are fewer lines of code. A high count indicates a method is trying to do too many things; that means a complex structure and it will be hard to maintain. In this figure, we’ve run code metrics over the entire solution, which consisted of a Web site project, a C# project and several Test Projects.

By using this feature, you can easily find out your respective code block / area where you need to work more. A single tip can improve the productivity of your work while coding. Learn Tips and Trick for Development and stay ahead of the game. You can Add/Remove metrics columns by selecting the options from the “Add/Remove Columns” options.

It indicates how easy it should be to understand and modify the code. The maintainability index metric can be used as an overall quality indicator and this index will be calculated with combination of cyclomatic complexity and lines of code metric results. Once you run the code metrics, Visual Studio will analyze the selected project / projects and display the code metrics results in the “Code Metrics Results” windows as shown in below screenshot. The only time I actually come into the code metrics for a reason is when I’m curious about how many lines of code the project is, and that’s just because of curiosity and not a need to do so. In Solution Explorer, right-click on the project or solution, and select Calculate Code Metrics.

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Reading Deep Work by Cal Newport made me realize the importance of deep sustained focus. WakaTime seamlessly helps me achieve this goal, and I strongly recommend it. Compete with your friends on private leaderboards, improve your daily coding average, and check your rank against other WakaTime users. By whitelisting SlideShare on your ad-blocker, you are supporting our community of content creators.

visual studio code metrics

Code Metrics is a way to produce actionable information on a project or solution. When you generate CM on your code it produces such things as Maintainability Index, Cyclomatic Complexity, Class Coupling, Inheritance depth and lines of code. In order to display code metrics of a Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 project or a VS2010 solution, open Visual Studio 2010.

12 Best Websites for Finding Developers is a tool that .NET Framework developers can use to calculate code metrics for .NET projects and .NET codes. By taking advantage of these metrics, as a developer, you can understand which classes, which methods, which module should be reworked or refractor. You can identify complexity, potential risks, implementation flaw within your project. Cyclomatic complexity helps us by measuring the code complexity. The cyclomatic complexity metric is quite important because it’ll be calculated on method level. So developers can easily identifying complexity of the code and risk factors in method level.

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As a developer when you are writing your code, you must adhere those boundary values of metrics to ensure your code is well written, understandable and maintainable. In short, Code Metrics is an important measure that let us understand the complexity and maintainability of the code. This is the 7th post in this series on understanding code complexity and maintainability. Over the last few posts we have covered all the different types of a code metrics and internal of each of the items. In this post, lets have a look at the different tooling aspect of Code Metrics Tools that can help us better in using the code metrics data.

Visual Studio 2017 code metrics is a set of important software tools for measuring the quality, code maintainability, and complexity of code written by a developer. Code metrics are available with the VS Community, Premium, and Ultimate editions. Developers also can download the extension and install it in Visual Studio. It’s a good practice to use code metrics to validate code; it will not only improve code quality but also make your application maintainable and less complex.

The exported excel will have the filter enabled for the class coupling with the value defined. The excel contain all the information form the code metrics tool, you need to remove the filter to get those data back in display. Whether you’re calculating code metrics against code you’ve written, or using it to identify potential issues in code you have to maintain, you’ll find code metrics an extremely useful tool.

Just imagine, if you add some more logic, complexity will be increased. If you want to keep track of Code metrics items which needs to fix and want to assign them to respective team members, you can do it very easily. Well, the “Create Work Item” option directly create the work item in TFS.

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Using code metrics, you can get a better understanding of what aspects of your code should be potentially changed or tested. The fewer the lines of code in a method, the more maintainability it has. This metric will be calculated at method level and calculation is not the exact line of code we write in C#, it is actually based upon the line number of IL code. The calculation does not include comments, white space, line break etc.

Code metrics are simply sensors that indicate when something is out of an expected range. Taken in isolation, they really aren’t that interesting as you point out, you can already 10 Awesome Kid-Friendly YouTube Channels for Kids Interested in Coding guess at what it’s going to tell you. They become more interesting when you start to compare trends. @JonathanvandeVeen, I don’t think that’s really relevant to the question asked.

I’ve written about using NDepend for Static Analysis before if you want to learn more. As you can see, the maintainability index for the entire project is a 7, indicating this project will be very difficult to maintain. It has high numbers for both cyclomatic complexity and class coupling. The DoEvenMoreWork method looks to be the worst off, with a maintainability index of 0. It’s obvious this code has a lot of problems, and will require some serious reworking in order to make long-term maintainability feasible.

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